Lesson 646 – new chicks and *another* storm

Whew, the election is over. Whether your side “won” or “lost” the decision is made and now it’s time to work together to do what we can to right this ship and put it back on a steady course.

And speaking of work, we’re in the path of a snow storm. Yup, last week a hurricane, this week a snow storm (what is it they say about New England weather – something to the effect that if you don’t like it, just wait a minute?)  In any event, it’s time to get prepared *again.*

Although, can I just officially ask Mother Nature to give us a little bit of a break? We haven’t even had time for the carpet of leaves on our lawn downed from the last storm to dry out enough to rake them up yet. Please go easy on the limbs and trees.

On the chicken front, our two newest additions (*still* unnamed but we’re working on it) are having some difficulty fitting in. I had read somewhere that Guinea hens didn’t transition well into chicken flocks but I was assured by the breeder that this wasn’t the case.

I’m starting to wonder.

After a week-plus of being caged inside the coop, we finally opened the door of the cage and allowed them to wander out as they pleased.

One little guy is a little ‘fraidy-cat and she stays in the cage, protected by the fact that the larger birds can’t reach her.

I can’t tell if the other little guy is very brave or very stupid.

She (and until we know otherwise, both are being considered “she’s”) leaves the cage and actually leaves the coop to go outside. She is getting pecked by the other hens and I don’t know if it’s that she can’t find her way back into the cage or not but when I go out to check on her, I find her in one corner

Not a happy camper.

Or another.

Here she is doing her best “Blair Witch” impression.

Each time I go out, I pick her up, inspect her little peck marks (some have drawn blood) and gently place her back into the cage with her sister where she gobbles food and has a good drink or two.

Honestly, does this worrying about the chicks ever end? said the mama hen. 🙂

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