Lesson 629 – finding your way back home

When one decides to share one’s life with chickens (and then goes and writes about those experiences) one starts receiving a lot of chicken items. We have chicken Christmas ornaments, chicken figurines, chicken toys, chicken salt and pepper shakers and now, thanks to my husband’s aunt (gee Margo, does that make you*my* aunt??!!) I now have a jingle-chicken bracelet.

The bracelet came in the mail a while back and it has become one of my go-to pieces of jewelry. Trust me, when I put it on, you can hear me a-comin’ from miles away. When I wear it out to the chicken coop, all the birds stop clucking with each other and look my way. “What on earth is that?” they whisper to each other.

This bracelet reminds me of the Santa sleigh bells that one can mysteriously hear in our house on Christmas Eve once the kids are sent to their room with the understanding that if they open their doors before the crack of dawn, Santa just might not come. Yup, these chicken bells have that much magic to them.

This bracelet also reminds me of one of my favorite mom stories which comes from my son Trevor. I’ve always been fond of wearing jangly jewelry and at one time I used to wear a few metal bracelets with charms that clanked against each other. I wore them so often that I didn’t even hear them anymore, but I guess others did. Once, when we were in a large crowd and Trevor was just a wee toddler, he got separated from us. All he could see were other people and none that he knew.

He told me that he didn’t panic and was able to find his way back to me because of the sound from my bracelets. They acted as a bell calling out to him, leading him back to safety.

Wouldn’t it be lovely, if it were that easy for us all to find our way back home?

Thanks Margo, I love it.


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2 responses to “Lesson 629 – finding your way back home

  1. Margo Campsey

    You are very welcome, Wendy. I’m glad you are enjoying the bracelet. And BTW I call you my niece, so I’d better be your aunt too!

    Aunt Margo (lol)

    PS. So happy the chickens are taking notice!!

  2. What a sweet story! I have a chicken purse. : -)

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