Lesson 628 – Fatti-Madi and the Vice President of the United States

This weekend Marc and I covered Joe Biden’s visit to our town. Marc was the photographer, I was the writer. Two of our kids were free to attend so we grabbed them and took them with us.

Right before we left, Emma (my 12 year old) decided to take a photo of our family taken with Joe 6 years ago in the hopes that he would be able to sign it.

“Sweetheart,” I told her, “you’re not even going to be able to get close to him.” I was thinking of some recent events I had covered where the crowds were rock-star enormous.

This is what she ended up getting.

Joe the VP thinks we have a lovely family.

What do I know?

During the event, Spencer held the “A” and Emma held the “C” for “MERRIMACK4BIDEN.” Spencer kept his “A” as a souvenir. Hopefully it will also be a reminder of the type of grades he should be going for while at college.

That’s Spencer just above the “A” and Emma inside the “C”

While Emma was busy working on plans to get her picture signed, I was busy trying to get a photo of the Vice President and Fatti-Madi. This is just about the best shot I could get, it’s one of those “I *think* I can tell who is in the background shots but I’m not really sure.

Fatti-Madi and I swear that’s Joe Biden.

Hey, when you’re in a venue like that, you’ve got to take what you can get.

At the end of the event, Joe was taking his time to pose with as many people who wanted to take pictures with him. Impulsively I threw Fatti-Madi (over the press barrier and under the gaze of the Secret Service) to Emma and mouthed for her to try and get a shot of the VP with the chicken.

This is what she got.

Fatti-Madi, Emma, and oh yeah, the freakin’ Vice President of the United States.

Man, does my baby have it.



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3 responses to “Lesson 628 – Fatti-Madi and the Vice President of the United States

  1. An amazing amount of political fun! I see Marc’s photos of Romney, Obama and Biden are making the Internet. Great way to use the catbird seat–or is it the chicken seat?

  2. Bill Campsey

    You have the most amazing family!!

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