Lesson 623 – Human bugs and feet

Somehow, out of the entire household, (and that includes a flock of kids returning to schools) I am the only person in our family who seems to have picked up a bug. It’s not a fun one either, lots of mucous, lots of coughing and enough vomiting that Marc asked me this morning if I was sure I wasn’t pregnant.

Funny guy, that Marc.

Nope, not in the family’s way (as they described it on The Walton’s) instead just a good old fashioned bug. Not bad enough to keep me completely out of the game work wise – remember I write from home – but bad enough that people cross to the other side of the street when they hear me coming.

Soup is what I need, lots and lots of soup – but rest well, my lovelies, I prefer the clear vegetables soups when I’m sick and not the perennial favorite of chicken soup.

No worries, with time this too, shall pass.

While I’m giving you updates, I thought I’d show you a photo of Charlie’s feet. You can see that they are fully functional and you can also see where I had run into a little problem with that middle toe on her left foot. The toe works just fine, it’s just that it carries a little bit of extra flesh (still looks beautiful to me though.)


She is now almost 10 months old and is, without doubt, one of our more striking birds. The other day she was back in our house to visit but, as she has learned pecking order skills from her coop mates, we now have to watch her around the dog.

The chick who once slept alongside Pippin, now wants to put him in his place.

Poor little Pippin. He misses his buddy, and while I console him in my lap pulling gently on his ears, he looks out the window to see Charlie and lets out a soft little moan.


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2 responses to “Lesson 623 – Human bugs and feet

  1. Feel better, Wendy. You are the third person that has told me they had that “bug.” Rosemarie was the first.

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