Lesson 620 – A new set of feathers for our frizzle

You are not going to believe this one.

You know how just a few weeks ago, I wrote about our frizzle (Ms. Frizzle) and told you that she had pretty much lost all of her feathers. I had blamed it on the fact that feathers curling out are a lot easier to pull out than feathers that curl over the body. Our frizzle had been losing her feathers all summer and at one point, she looked ready for the stew pot – pre-plucked (don’t worry, she was never in any danger of that from us.) It’s been a rough summer with the heat for birds and I’ve heard many complain of moulting problems in their flocks regardless of whether they are frizzles or not.

Ms. Frizzle is a bit of a bully and as a result, tends to get picked on by the bigger hens in the flock. Our poor little bully’s feather coat got so bad that I was worried about whether or not she would make it through the winter. Some breeds do well when it’s cold but I don’t know of any breed that can lose its feathers and still make it through a New Hampshire Winter.

And then POOF! Ms. frizzle has grown back a full set of feathers just like that (making her look downright adorable.) I’m not sure what’s going on here but it looks like our frizzle, one of our three witches will end up doing just fine this winter.

A very warm and adorable Ms. Frizzle


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5 responses to “Lesson 620 – A new set of feathers for our frizzle

  1. Hey sis–were it that easy to look adorable!

  2. Two of my chooks have been threadbare in the britches all winter and through the summer, and then in the last two weeks the feathers have just popped right out! Maybe it’s the season for it!

  3. Oh wow, and what a shiny lot of feathers they are. Proud!!!

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