Lesson 610 – Here come the clowns

In the “not-absolutely-everything-about-chickens-is-great” department, I present you with this little gem.

I found it (her?) at a yard sale and well, you know me, I just had to give her a home.  It’s kind of sad, I tend to be rather compulsive when it comes to collecting interesting things, instead of a “Save the Whales” bumper sticker, my car sports one that reads “Save the Junk.”

Which is actually okay, until I come across things like this. I brought her home to show my kids, they’re just not going to believe this one, I thought.

One, two, three, – all six declared her ugly. “Do we have to keep this on the table?” I was asked more than once.

But now what to do? I’ve tried to put her in the Halloween box thinking that in a darkened corner she might just be scary enough to keep a job. The only problem is that she gathers laughs far more than gasps of fright. It’s pretty demoralizing for even a pretend Halloween decoration.

Easter? Nope. Easter is a time for fluffy, adorable chicks, not for strange misshapen clown collar, dunce cap wearing birds who loudly scream “PeeP!” in an effort to be noticed.

Not knowing what to do with her, she continues to sit by my desk, eyes forever turned toward the heavens, grimacing and exasperated to be eternally mistaken for a clown.


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