Lesson 606 – The lack of eggs

I so desperate want to write a post about Charlie’s first egg but alas, I have nothing to report.


According to a website on marans: A pullet could start laying as early as four months, however, normally a pullet will lay at 18-20 weeks and peak at 35 weeks.  The peak will last about 10 weeks, and then production will slowly decline.

20 weeks is about 5 months old.

Charlie is currently 7 months and while a breeder told me that I would be lucky if she started laying before August, I now find myself solidly in August with still no chocolate Easter egg from our little Charlie.

Every day I check the nesting boxes and I even check higher up in the coop where she likes to perch. I suppose it is possible that she might have hidden them (a true Easter egg hunt) but if she has, she’s very good and I have yet to locate them.

So far – nothing.

So I wait, and I wait, but don’t you worry, when Charlie finally does lay an egg, you guys will be hearing me loudly crowing about it no matter where you are.  And there will be pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

In the meantime, I give you a blue chicken that I found at a yard sale last week. For now, it will have to do.


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5 responses to “Lesson 606 – The lack of eggs

  1. Good one! This egg may be worht more than the “average” $500 🙂 given the time and the events happend to Charlie.
    In the end it’s about about the money but the mementos it gave you (and us!).
    Shall we set a wager and to when one will be coming? 🙂
    Put me down (50 cents) on tomorrow by end of morning as I feel a barometric pressure change thus calculate the angle of he moon, temperatures, a bit of this, a bit of that and there you have it 🙂

  2. typos!
    worth = worth
    I meant to say it’s NOT about the money …

  3. C’mon Charlie – PUSH!!!!

    p.s. – I love the blue chicken!

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