Lesson 598 – Those darn flies – Part 4 (Last one, I promise)


For the record, that’s Marc-Lord-of-the-flies taking this photo, not me.

Because I find this morbidly fascinating and am obviously not done with this topic, here are some more fly photos. We emptied yet another full bottle of flies yesterday and this is what our trap looks like from being hung for just a few hours this morning.

Yup, that’s me with the long, long legs in this photo.

I know, crazy, right?

Can I be the first to say that this is just ridiculous? I have no idea where all these flies are coming from and why all of the sudden there seems to be such an influx of them (and why they hadn’t been bothering us at dinner – polite flies, maybe?)

I’ve sent email to the UNH (University of New Hampshire) Agricultural Cooperative Extension (they’ve been very helpful in the past with both tick and chicken questions) asking them if they’ve gotten complaints of flies from around the State.

I also asked them if they have gotten complaints, might the mild winter be a factor in all this. Basically, what is going on in New Hampshire with regard to flies?

I have yet to hear (the woman who usually answers questions is on vacation) but when I do you can bet I’ll be posting the reply.

In the meantime, we’ll carry on with our fly traps (but I promise you, no more dead fly pictures, enough is enough.)


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3 responses to “Lesson 598 – Those darn flies – Part 4 (Last one, I promise)

  1. Hey sis: You are right this is oddly compelling. Perhaps after all the years of swatting them with no relief, photos of a working solution are–well–satisfying. So have you noticed fewer flies buzzing around?

    • Wendy Thomas

      Here’s the crazy thing, we had never noticed a fly problem in our yard to begin with, it was our neighbors who complained about flies.

      It could have been that our chickens were controlling the flies in our yard (maggots anyone?, yum) or that there just wasn’t much to munch on (we don’t have a garden or flowers, so no fertilizer) I’m just as baffled about this as everyone else.


  2. Jenn

    The flies (and other bugs in general) are bad here in CT. I was thinking its because of the chickens- but maybe not?

    Thanks for giving me an excuse to go to TSC!!!

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