Lesson 594 – Little House on the Prairie and Poached Eggs

On Sunday we lost our stove. Logan was cooking a hotdog in a pan for his lunch and we all heard a very loud pop. What was that? We all asked each other.

We looked around but finding nothing we simply shrugged our shoulders and went back to making lunches.

We found out what it was later when we were getting ready to make dinner.

It’s called a thermal crack. Our porcelain top stove had finally had it and when Logan was using the burner, the stove top cracked. Yup, it cracked from one corner of the stove all the way through the right side large burner.

And even though the other burners did not crack, a cracked stove-top is an unusable stove top. (Think pyrex glass explosion.)

So we don’t have a stove-top right now and we won’t be getting one for the next few weeks (things like ER visits, medications, and physical therapy come first.) But being the resourceful family that we are, we’ve already figured out how to work around this.

I dug up the electric fry pan we had gotten for our wedding (I don’t remember who gave it to us but thank you.) Between that, our oven (which is still usable), the microwave, and the burner on our grill (we have to be able to cook a large pot of pasta) we’ll be fine.

It will be like living in Little House on the Prairie.

Except that Marc would not be able to conveniently have his morning poached eggs (he has to swirl the boiling water so that the white of the egg completely covers the yolk – meet Marc, the poached-egg-snob.)

Which makes my trip to the grocery store yesterday that much more exciting. I actually found a microwave egg poacher. You just crack an egg into a cup, add a little water, pierce the yolk and let it cook.

And while it makes a “good” poached egg – because you can not swirl it, it is not a “perfect” poached egg. But it will do.

Us residents of Little House on the Prairie can’t be too choosey (although I draw the line at playing ball with a pig bladder.)


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5 responses to “Lesson 594 – Little House on the Prairie and Poached Eggs

  1. Thank you. I have always wondered by we are supposed to swirl to the water while poaching an egg. I can’t say I have ever done it so my eggs must be of lesser quality. 🙂

    • Wendy Thomas

      What’s funny is that I can’t STAND poached eggs. The sight of them makes me want to retch.

      My favorite way to eat eggs is scrambled with onions and cheddar cheese, a dish of which just the thought will make Marc gag.

      What is it that they say about opposites? 🙂


  2. PS. Good luck with the stove. We currently have the same problem for a different reason. Our stovetop runs on bottled gas as we aren’t close enough to the city to be on supplied gas. Something has gone wrong with the gas regulator and we can only get a tiny flame. The pressure is too low to get a pan hot. We have thrown our electric frypan out so we are down to the barbecue on the patio.

    • Wendy Thomas

      ah yes, but don’t forget your crockpot.

      While I usually wait until the colder months to pull ours out, it’s already on the schedule to be used for tomorrow night’s dinner. Between all of our appliances, (don’t forget the toaster and the toaster oven) we’ll (and you’ll) be fine (at least until the Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂


  3. Mmm … the crock pot …. good point.

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