Lesson 591 – Seed blocks in the summer

Although this may look like something else (a somewhat disgusting something else), it is actually a seed block.

We usually put seed blocks into the hen coop in the winter. It not only provides a little bit of entertainment but it also gives the chickens a little more fat (from the seed oil) in the cold months when they can use it.

But Marc had gotten a 10% off on your entire purchase coupon from the Tractor Supply Store and while he was there, not only did he stock up on feed and wood chips, but he also got a seed block.

“Why not?” was his reasoning.

Why not, indeed. I was interested to see what would happen. In the summer our chickens get lots of extra food. Along with their feed, our chickens pretty much get their fill of corn cobs, rinds, peels, soft fruits and vegetables, and breads and cakes that had started to turn. It is safe to say that our flock thoroughly enjoys the bounties of summer harvest (and the leftover of our dinners.) It made me wonder if they would even be interested in eating any of the seed.

The results are in, it’s safe to say that not only were they interested, but they pretty much decimated the block within a matter of days. In fact when I went out to take a picture of it, at first I couldn’t find it and wondered if Marc had forgotten to even put it out. It was only when I looked closer (with the help of Isabelle pointing the way) that I discovered what was left of the block.

Are they compensating for the heat? Starting to put fat on for the winter? Bored in the lazy, hot afternoons and see pecking at the block a type of sport? Or did they simply eat the seed because it’s so darn tasty?

I have no answers other than – our chickens clearly enjoyed the unexpected snack. I’m thinking that in the future seed blocks are not just going to be a winter-time treat anymore.

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