Lesson 585 – bridging the gap

I know. You were expecting a picture of Charlie in the house and while she still does come inside (to make sure she gets enough food, water, and one-on-one time), she does, for the most part, live in out in the coop now.

And here she is roosting on a top bar.

Take a look at that curled toe action.

Actually I think she’s waiting for me to rescue her. Almost every day I take her out of the coop for a bit and she walks the path to our backdoor and then into our house. I do this because other than grass, I have never seen her eat any of the chicken feed.

And I have never seen her drink from the community water feeder (although I have seen her drink water from an open bowl in the yard.)

I’m sure she is getting enough to eat and drink but when she comes in the house the first thing she does is run over to the dog dishes to eat and drink. That chicken likes her some dog food.

After she eats she usually takes a nap. Sometime with the dog, sometimes by my desk. I let her sleep for a while and then we put her back out in the coop well before dusk so that she can get re-acclimated before going in for the night.

Do we have a chicken who thinks she is a family pet? A family pet who knows she’s really a chicken?

Or do we simply have an unusual bird who has managed to bridge the gap between family pet and farm animal, somehow able to please all members of the flock at the same time.


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3 responses to “Lesson 585 – bridging the gap

  1. Hey sis–you probably have a bird who imprinted and thinks that she is human. Playing around with the dog is also part of what humans do. I wonder if you put the dog dish and food in the pen if she would go for it—the other birds probably would not because it is so unusual to what they know. You definitely have a swan in the coop!

  2. I have 2 house chickens. Bantam cochins. I plan to always keep them inside ❤ They are part of the family & they know it! When I put them out on the screened-in porch, they don't know what to do with themselves & wait by the sliding glass door to come back in! Silly birds!

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