Lesson 584 – of days gone by

Rain glorious rain has come, banishing our stifling heatwave to the middle of summer where it belongs.

Our chickens are cowering in the corners, staying away from the steady stream of water spilling over the roof tops, following the path of chicken wire to the ground. Feathers are fluffed, ladies huddled together for warmth, dreaming of the sprawled-in-the-sun dirt baths of only a few days past.


Filed under All things chickens, All things local, Backyard Chickens, Inspiration, members of the flock

2 responses to “Lesson 584 – of days gone by

  1. My two chicks are asleep under their heat lamp after a couple hours outside in the dirt (after the rain stopped). Man, they were screaming to get out. Then screaming to get in. 🙂

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