Lesson 579 – Poison in the yard

If the weather is good, you will always find our family eating outside on the deck. Always.

It’s just part of summer.

Last night while we were having dinne, we noticed an infestation of ants. You know what I mean, when there are so many ants that it looks like brown dirt until you really focus and then you realize that the dirt is MOVING.

We quickly got Charlie and another chicken and put them near the ants hoping that they would have a yummy feast.

No such luck.

Instead, both of them started munching on the clover that was to the side of the deck. Imagine, a creature of our house that goes for the veggies first!

You can see where they took some bites

But then they moved over and started munching on these.

Leaves of 3 – leave them be.

Now I have never heard of a chicken having a reaction to poison ivy and if the truth be known, both chickens took one taste and moved away, so obviously, they’re not keen on it.  But who wants to take chances? That bit of poison ivy? It’s now gone by our hands.

Neither my chickens nor my children will be scratching anytime soon from that nasty little plant.


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2 responses to “Lesson 579 – Poison in the yard

  1. Brianna Storch

    Between ants, fleas, ticks, and other creepy crawlers I had completely forgotten about plant life. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. So did you ever get your girls to eat the ants?

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