Lesson 575 – Eggs baskets and graveyards

It is difficult to get rid of things that have served us well.

Oh sure, after awhile they start getting rough around the edges, they may even start sporting some holes here and there, but the memory of what they once did, how they served us lives on.

Which is why we are starting to get a bit of an egg basket graveyard in our backyard.

The kids tend to leave our egg baskets outside and between the weather and the weight of summertime abundance, the baskets start showing their age.

A fray here, the beginning of an unravel there, and soon what was handy and sturdy has become unreliable and obsolete.

We should throw these baskets out, we should burn them, or compost them with the rest of our organic material.


When something has been a part of your life every morning rain or shine,
When something has helped you bring nutritious food to your family,
When something has been at your side, waiting to be needed, and not upset at all when not,

It’s sometimes hard to say good-bye.



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3 responses to “Lesson 575 – Eggs baskets and graveyards

  1. Thank you – you have a way of showing us the beauty in things the rest of us might otherwise find mundane 🙂

  2. Jenn

    I totally get it. My chihuahua slept in a woven egg basket on my desk at work. When she died a few years ago, I planted some pink tulips in it next to her grave. There’s not much left of it now, but her tulips keep coming back just the same. Its those little things that help you hold onto what you feel like you’ve lost to the passage of time.

  3. Most of the time we forget to bother with the egg baskets, and just put the eggs in our coat pockets. Sometimes, we forget we have eggs in our coat pockets. My wife (who is usually neater and more careful than I am) has broken at least one egg inside a pocket. I have yet to do so. Hmm…I better check my pocket right now…

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