Lesson 572 – America and chickens

I had originally intended to use a chicken photo on Memorial day. It thought it was cute, the kind of thing that you do when you have pets and babies – you dress them up for holidays and take lots of pictures (and you think that every single one is adorable.)

But then I thought that people might think I was making a statement about America and chickens, a bad statement.

So I didn’t use it.

But you know what? I should have.  Because although I was not trying to make any kind of political statement (other than that every family should have a chicken in every pot backyard) there are much worse things than having people think you are a chicken.

  • Chickens willingly contribute to the betterment of the world every day one egg at a time. They accept that their lot in life is to contribute toward the good of all, and they do it with grace and style. Oh sure,  chickens might complain just a tad, but they still stick with the job at hand  and after an occasional egg song, eventually get the job done.
  • Chickens form flocks and flocks protect each other. They look out for predators and when danger is perceived the alarm is raised so that *all* can seek shelter. A rooster will put himself in front of the coyote to give the rest of the flock a chance to escape. Chickens epitomize bravery.
  • Chickens take care of their young. A brooding mama hen will often forego food and water in order to make sure her eggs remain warm and safe. The future is what’s important.  If that’s not an act of selfless love, I’m not sure what it.
  • Chickens come together at night. No matter how much bickering occurred during daylight hours – at the end of the day, all is forgiven. Chickens roost next to each other, sharing both heat, camaraderie, and support – boosting each other’s’ spirits in the middle of the cold and dark. Here, share what I have, it’s yours.

So although my cute, adorable picture was never really intended to make a statement about anything other than “Have a Happy Day” I think it does inadvertently make a statement about America and Americans. And because it’s a darn, good statement, I’ve decided to use the picture after all.


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3 responses to “Lesson 572 – America and chickens

  1. Stephan

    It’s a good thing you have not lived in the Teddy Roosevelt era where he claimed we should have the Grizzly Bear instead of the Bald Eagle. I could see his reaction if anyone would have suggested Chicken …
    I other forums the American Buffalo (Bison) was called the real “animal” of USA while the Eagle was the National bird.
    Portugal reveres chickens: souvenirs and emblems all over. Once a great nation of discoverers and explorers.
    France also has a Rooster as unofficial animal
    Sri-Lanka has a “bird” that looks like a Rooster
    Check it out, interesting stuff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_animals

  2. Angela Warner

    Hahaha. That’s awesome. Love the story (very true)! And love the picture!

  3. Beautifully said, Wendy!!

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