Lesson 567 – Walking Dead Chicks at the Beach

Busy day today. 

But not so busy that I can’t put up a photo.

I call this one “Chicks at the beach”

Eat your hearts out. 🙂

On a more educational note, those of you who may be new to chickens will probably find your chickens looking very much like dead chickens in a backyard dirt pile at one time or another. Assuming they are not dead, don’t be alarmed.

They have not expired and they are not auditioning for a bit part in The Walking Dead.

Your chickens are taking a dust bath. By rolling around in the dirt and throwing  it over themselves, they have devised a clever and efficient way in which they can cool down and at the same time –  clean their feathers.

Talk about making do with what you have.


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2 responses to “Lesson 567 – Walking Dead Chicks at the Beach

  1. LOL! Thanks for posting! I’ve entertained 10 juvenile pullets for a few weeks now. The first time I observed this behavior I jumped in the coop thinking the gal had a neurological problem but she jumped up and ran under the coop. Got my lawn chair and watched another dig a divet and stretch one leg out. Are my chickens vogue-ing? I mean really, strike the pose! Sheesh finally figured it out, dust bath 101! I’m on a steep learning curve and now trying figure if I need to change their feed from baby mash to juvenile mash, who knew! Just love them!

  2. Stephan

    Very cool! My hens dug a hole next to the water container causing the blocks to shift and drain the water. I came by the pen and they were all looking at me “in desperation” 🙂 … you should have seen the look in their faces!

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