Lesson 565 – The transition of Charlie continues

The last of my chicks came home from college on Friday and I’ve got to say, they are not as enamored with Charlie living in the house as we are. Oh sure, they think having a chicken in the house is *interesting* but they could definitely live without the chicken poop.

When is the chicken leaving the house asked Griffin?

When she’s (I’m) ready, I replied.

Griffin took it upon himself to socialize Charlie with the flock in order to eventually move her outside. He put Charlie out in the pen with the rest of the birds and then sat in a chair to babysit them all (after all, while he does want Charlie outside, he doesn’t want any harm to come to her.)

After a few minutes, this is what I saw.

Griffin stayed out with the chickens for about an hour and then it was Addy’s turn to babysit.

She shooed Charlie off the chair, sat down and the next time I went out to check on them, this is what I saw with her.

That Charlie, sure is one clever bird.

Huh, not so easy, is it kids?

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One response to “Lesson 565 – The transition of Charlie continues

  1. I have been too ill to keep up with Charlie. However, I am up and about and helping our pullets learn to live with the hens. Occasionally, the hens go into the pullet enclosure (while it is open), sure that the pullets are getting something special they are deprived of. On the other hand, the pullets, sure they are grown up, go into the hen’s side of the hen house and sit on the roost. Occasionally, the hens chase the pullets. A new pecking order remains to be resolved.

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