Lesson 562 – Chicken art for a good cause

Even though Marc works in an office upstairs and I write not far away in my yellow chair downstairs, it’s still sometimes easier to communicate with each other eclectorinically.

“Had I seen this tweet?” Marc tweeted to me along with a link.

It was a tweet about a cartoon/art give away at The Hedcombers blog  (stumbling toward the good life, one muddy footstep at a time)  for a print of an original chicken cartoon.

This is what my now, new friend Janie had posted. (Please note that this particular contest is over)

I’ve just stumbled over the ‘Free Range Friday’ event organised to raise funds & awareness for the British Hen Welfare Trust and it all seems like perfect timing, as I got some sample prints back from the printer yesterday of a handful of my chicken cartoons!

In honour of the event, how do you fancy winning this one, entitled ‘New Feathers’…?

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below!

I’m happy to post any where in the world so don’t be put off if you’re overseas. And don’t worry if you don’t win this time, there is a free Range Friday every month this year and I’ll do another give-away for each one! Give-away will close at midnight tonight (GMT) Good luck!

PS Do visit the BHWT website and/or Facebook Page to find out more about their good work and how you can get involved.

After reading this entry, I did two things.

I entered a comment.

And then I went over to the British Hen Welfare Trust to see what the heck that was all about.

It turns out the British Hen Welfare Trust is a national charity that re-homes commercial laying hens, educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, and encourages support for the British egg industry. I had heard about many of these hens being re-homed (thanks to various Tweets) and have followed the stories of some of these chickens and the good people who open their hen houses to them. I’ve also seen photos of some chickens who had been so stressed while kept as commercial layers that they had lost many of their feathers.

Knitting a sweater (jumper) for these girls, even in a cartoon, is a thoughtful gesture.

A noble cause – coming of course, from one who at one point had rescued a retired greyhound. Janie is obviously a sister from a different mother.

A few days later, I found out that my comment had been randomly selected and I was the winner of the art. True to Janie’s words, she shipped it from England to the United States where it now proudly hangs in my office.

Thanks so much Janie, well done. I love your art and look forward to seeing your new creations. (Janie is in the process of creating some greeting cards, her chicken wearing a crown picture is priceless.)

Such a small world we have filled with so many caring people.


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