Lesson 554 – The bad boys of Cincinnati

In the middle of Cinncinnati is an open square (called Fountain square) where people can hang out, eat at tables, and even, last night listen to live Salsa music. Each day we’ve been here, information booths have been set up and we’ve gotten information about such things as the local Fire History museum, the Taft house, and even about skin cancer. It’s a hopping place.

Yesterday we learned all about the Asian Beetle infestation and how it is currently in Massachusetts and working its way up to New Hampshire. The Park Ranger showed us what the beetle looked like and the damage it could do to trees – pretty impressive.  We also got a free fly swatter, but I digress.

At the square is a huge fountain dedicated to the people of Cincinnati, it’s really something to see and on a hot day, if you catch the wind just right, you are rewarded with a fine cooling mist. We had seen this fountain everyday but it wasn’t until yesterday that I went up and took a closer look. All around the fountain are beautiful pieces of art, but take a look at this. Here is a picture of a boy manhandling a turtle (although to be fair, a friend of mine said that he was “just” riding the turtle):

poor turtle

Here is a boy terrorizing (no riding here) a snake (one of the few times I’ve actually felt sorry for a snake.)

Poor snake

This boy has decided to scare the water out of this fish.

Poor big headed fish

And lastly, this boy is obviously taking out the results of a bad spelling test on his fowl.

Poor birds

I don’t know. I mean I can appreciate the skill needed to create these pieces, I can appreciate the art and the beauty, but take a look at the bird in his arms. It’s trying desperately and for all eternity to get away from this kid. It is forever caught in an unsuccessful attempt to escape.

If the role of art is to evoke emotion, then consider this piece a success.

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