Lesson 553 – The rooster in Cincinnati

We’re here in Cincinnati and although I haven’t found a chicken yet, I have found a reason for what I do.

After Trevor had his 2 hour gymnastics practice session this morning, we went to an outdoor square in order to have a pastry and a (long) overdue cup of coffee. As we were sitting at our table, we heard a little boy call out “A rooster! A rooster, mommy!”

Trevor and I both looked at each other in that “No, way, there’s a rooster here??!!” way. I mean what are the odds, that we would go five states away from New Hampshire only to find a male chicken in our midst?

We excitedly looked around, ready to pay homage and respect to the rooster in Cincinnati.

What we found instead was this:

That is what the little boy called a rooster.

And that is why I do what I do. I write about chickens because people have lost their connection to their food and the animals that supply that food. People don’t remember that food needs to be grown and animals that provide our food need to be cared for. We’re all in this together.

They don’t know that we can learn so many lessons from living with our food and taking care of it.

And as long as little kids think that pigeons are roosters in Cincinnati, I think I may still have a very good reason to do my job.


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4 responses to “Lesson 553 – The rooster in Cincinnati

  1. Hey sis–glad you are doing your job. My love to Trevor as you both sail over hurdles and challenges with ease and grace. Perhaps it is also important to turn the modest pigeons in our lives to stunning roosters–even if only for a moment.

  2. Kristin

    Hmmmmm. Yup. Thank you!!!! For this story and for your work and for your roosters!

  3. Did you or the child’s mom inform said child that its a piegon? 🙂

  4. OhioYarnFarmer

    The situation is alarming but as you’ve indicated, it’s fixable. Years ago, while a friend of mine was babysitting her little cousins, she brought in some veggies from the garden and the kids wouldn’t eat them because, “Those grew in the dirt.” 😮 -Talk about a teaching/learning opportunity…

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