Lesson 551 – Chicks with chicks

I write regularly for Parenting New Hampshire magazine. Not only do I contribute articles, but I also have a monthly column on Family Finances (how to be thrifty – something that with 6 kids, I feel I’m qualified to talk about.)

Anyway, because of a retrospective article I had written about a cover shoot my kids were on 11 years ago, the editor had asked me if I could pose with a few of my kids for a new cover. Sure, I said, how about chicks with chicks.

I’m not sure she realized that when I said this I really meant chicks, with chicks, with chicks (kind of like Chicken-inception) but she was a good sport about it and when she and the photographer showed up, the girls and I grabbed some chickens and got ready for our close-ups. The end product turned out just fine and the girls and I are pleased as punch to be sharing the world of chickens once again.

The online copy of the magazine is here.  I have 3 articles in this issue (it just worked out that way) if you want to take a look.

And to the woman at the soccer game this weekend – next week I’ll bring a sharpie so that I can sign your copy of the magazine, but trust me, a “celebrity” I am not, I’m just a mom paying attention to the lessons we can learn from the flock.


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3 responses to “Lesson 551 – Chicks with chicks

  1. What a delightful photo on the cover. You and your girls look beautiful. 🙂

  2. Lori

    As I was walking out of the grocery store here in Goffstown, a picture to my left caught my eye. Imagine my surprise when I noticed it was you Wendy!!! I immediately grabbed a copy, called my dad, who then brought a copy to my mom! She was happy to see you, Emma and Addy! Thanks for making her day a bit brighter in such a dreary place 🙂

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