Lesson 544 – Spring in our steps

Spring has arrived here in New Hampshire.

Our Bleeding Hearts have blossomed.

The Dandelions are playing tag with the lawn, you’re it.

Violets have gathered to giggle in shy groups.

And the Bluets are madly cheering the warmth and light.

Hoo-ray, hoo-ray – sunnier days are upon us.

Another sign of Spring? The girls have increased their egg production. The heat of the sun translated into a direct value of positive output.

Who could but not help but be more active when the sun shines above?


Filed under Backyard Chickens, chicken care, Eggs, Points to ponder, Roosters

2 responses to “Lesson 544 – Spring in our steps

  1. lscheuer

    Sweet sunshiney words, Wendy. 🙂

    • Wendy Thomas


      You always write the nicest things. Thank you.

      And I am so looking into that car seat idea for Charlie!


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