Lesson 540 – Quotable Chicks

Friday’s Quotes for the Chicks 

“It’s not the cards you’re dealt, it’s how you play the game.”



Last week I told you about how my little chick, Trevor, sliced his head open just 2 days before his Regionals Gymnastics competition – easily one of the two most important meets during the season. He managed to compete (that’s his coach in the red shirt watching carefully and ready to catch him if he falls from his double dismount – he didn’t.) Trevor did well enough (who are we kidding, he had his best meet of the season)  to qualify for the Junior Olympics National competition. In May he and I will be out in Ohio for a few days for the event.

Hmm, maybe he should slice his head open more often. (I kid, I kid)

Nest (that’s a typo but for obvious reasons, it stays) week is school vacation, be prepared for many exciting chicken, Charlie, and children stories.


As always, happy weekend everyone, health and happiness (and safety) to your flock.


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3 responses to “Lesson 540 – Quotable Chicks

  1. Hey sis– Spend an evening at the Black Squirrel Bed and Breakfast in Wooster Ohio if you get a chance–I know Trevor will be housed with the team. Run by my friend Fong Wong–it’s gorgeous place–no doubt there are lots of chicken in that part of the state. Perhaps I can drive out to see Trevor. After our trek across the country during spring break, looking at colleges all things Ohio is a meer 16 hour drive from here! Meanwhile, Trevor on my mind!

    • Wendy Thomas

      We’ll be in Cincinnati, sorry to say, we’re flying in for the competition and then flying home when it ends. That won’t leave much time for site seeing (even with the prospect of seeing chickens.)

      Don’t do the drive, it’s too long. Trevor will be posting all his routines on his youtube channel.


  2. You must be so proud of your son!

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