Lesson 527 – A day in the life of Charlie – the house chicken

Although it comes as no surprise (to me anyway) Charlie has decided that I am the alpha in the flock. Whenever I get up to move from one room to another, she trots along behind me like a little puppy, I swear, if she had a tongue long enough, it would be wagging. And like a good, obedient member of the flock, when I tower over her, she submissively curtsies with her wings to the side ready for me to mount her.

It’s actually quite an honor.

When we had that freakish February heatwave a few weeks back, I moved my writing from the 3rd floor (which with the skylights cooks up like an easy-bake oven) to a chair on the first floor at the far back of the mudroom. When I’m sitting in that chair, writing on my laptop, Charlie has to be next to me (which is why I finally put a pillow on the floor just for her.)

Looking down from my chair onto Charlie.

This means, of course, that I have to think twice about getting up, because when I do she flaps and indigently runs off only to eventually come back settling near me once again.

She’s kind of like a toddler that way. She even opens the bathroom door and comes into the room when I’m in there. (and here I had thought that once the kids had gotten older – those days would be gone!)

When I’m sitting on a couch, she comes over and sits near me.

Charlie and I reading a book.

And when we’re all watching TV, she sits on the furthest edge of the couch nearest to me to watch the show.

Charlie watching TV with Trevor but keeping an eye on me.

Just when most moms, with kids who are getting older, are starting to think about the eventuality of an “empty nest” isn’t it funny that I find myself building a nest anew right here in the house?



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2 responses to “Lesson 527 – A day in the life of Charlie – the house chicken

  1. Unless Charlie is chatty, I bet it’s her tail that she wags and not her tongue! But I loved this description of her devotion. My dogs do that, too — follow me everywhere. I am often pinned in the shower because they lay down next to the tub, holding the shower curtain firmly in place! Love! Dontcha love it?!

  2. Well, this is odd indeed, but I keep coming back to read more.

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