How not to raise chickens

Based on my discussion yesterday regarding my objections to single chicks being available for purchase by anyone, I was pointed to this (it’s funny ’cause it’s true) little guide of how not to raise chickens. Although this does not address buying single chickens, it does address the need to responsible chicken owning. It certainly is food for thought.

Raising chickens has become a popular way to get good, clean, food, and, in some cases like our, entertainment and companionship. I just hope that that’s the reason why people are getting them and not because it’s the trendy and hip thing to do.

This guide comes from Chicken First Cultural. (I realize that my template is cutting some of this off, you might want to click on the previous link to read it in full over there.)

Read on:


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2 responses to “How not to raise chickens

  1. Hey sis– great little pamphlet even though it maligns hippies. I wish we would get some credit for what we did instead of all the stereotypes that suggest we were completely uninformed yet zealous. Perhaps you could ask them to conjure up another type of urban couple? Anyway, glad you are doing all of this before Easter–the biggest single chick opportunity. Peg

    • Wendy Thomas


      It’s maligning hipsters not hippies. A bit of a difference, feel free to wear your tie-died shirt at our house any day.


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