Lesson 507 – Eggsactly right for me

I know it’s not Valentines Day (although to be honest, I picked up a heart-shaped plate from our dining room table last night and had to think for a minute about whether or not we’ve celebrated the heart festooned holiday – just too busy these days) but I had to share this little card that I recently received.

As I’ve mentioned before, when you have a flock, you start getting all things chickens. This includes chicken valentines (which you may be surprised, there are quite a few if you know where to look (ebay)) For the most part, the cards usually feature little birds (you’re the chick for me) or eggs.

One particular Valentine reads “ Don’t be so hardboiled, come out of your shell” – a stretch at a chicken/egg pun that I wouldn’t even attempt to make.

Another one, whose poem appears to be written by a third grader tries to seduce it’s receiver with this little gem:

Some eggs are good
Some are rank
But on my love
You can always bank

Of course, there is also the ever popular “tweet heart” and the I-give-up-at-writing-these-cards-and-just-want-to-go-home “You’re some chicken!”

As for me, I love this one:

I love the mother hen as she looks adoringly at her newly laid offspring. “You’re eggsactly right for me”, she beams. The delight in her eyes at her egg’s potential is clear. Of all the nests in the world, this little one has chosen to be born right now in this very home. How lucky is she. It’s a perfect situation and is eggsactly the right thing for all.

This card stays up year-round, a message and intent that reaches far beyond Valentine’s Day.


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2 responses to “Lesson 507 – Eggsactly right for me

  1. Awww!! So sweet! And I’m saving the pull-out from this month’s Womans Day magazine for you, which has 75 egg recipes to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

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