Fatti-Madi and President Obama

Although I didn’t get President Obama to hold Madi (you wouldn’t believe how many secret service agents surround you when you are holding a stuffed chicken at a Presidental visit!) I did get a picture of Fatti-Madi at the event.

Fatti-Madi - and oh yeah, President Obama



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8 responses to “Fatti-Madi and President Obama

  1. Karen W

    You’re good! I knew you’d find a way!

  2. Glad you didn’t get thrown into detention. That is one cute chicken for sure….The President might have missed a magic moment.

  3. Given the first family’s fondness for organic gardening, in the campaign for the second term we need to pledge to add a coop/run. The Secret Service officers could collect the eggs. There are enough chickens in the U.S. now that such a pledge might seal the deal.

  4. FABULOUS! I knew you could do it!

  5. wilabea94

    Tee hee hee! Love it! It looks like he needs a tiny, chicken-sized microphone or headset so he could look like all the other reporters doing a remote!

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