Lesson 501 – Cookies in February

I love me a hearty homemade cookie. I had a friend in Connecticut who made a cookie that I would literally consider killing for (we drove down to Washington DC for a vacation once and I ate those cookies along the entire East Coast.)

At one point she wrote down the recipe for me (after I begged, and begged) but I’ve long since lost it (I think the name was Rob Roy cookies from a Rodale cookbook and if any of you have that recipe, I would forever be in your debt if you could send it my way.)

This being school vacation week in New Hampshire, I have to think of some creative ways to keep the kids busy so I can get some writing done. The deal is, if you give me the morning, I’ll give you the afternoon.

One way to keep those youngsters busy is to assign them the task of making cookies. (The kids keep busy, I get warm cookies, we use our girls’ eggs – win/win/win.)

I’ve gotten logs of pre-made cookie dough (I know it’s cheating) but we like to form the sliced circles into triangles and then use small pretzels as antlers and M&Ms as eyes and nose to make deer cookies. (This makes a great Reindeer cookie using holiday gingerbread and a red M&M for the nose.)

In addition we are going to make cookies from a can of pumpkin and a cake mix. We’ve done this before with Gluten-free cake mix and although a little rubbery, if you use chocolate chips, they are not that bad. By the way, although we are low-gluten (not no-gluten) for vacation I am allowing a bit of gluten for the cookie making project.

Also on the list are Trevor’s all-time favorite cookie, Snickerdoodles, the boy could eat an entire batch of them in one sitting (who are we kidding, when he comes home from the gym, Trevor is ready to tuck into an entire side of beef in one sitting.)

We are going to make cookies from scratch, no-bake cookies, bar cookies, and mix cookies. They all count (especially when it makes a large batch and the kids have to stay in the kitchen while the cookies are baking.) I even have a recipe from the First Lady of New Hampshire (Dr. Susan Lynch) of her family’s favorite cookie recipe that we’re going to make this week. (I’ll put the recipe up with a photo of that one when we make it.)

It will be the vacation of cookies.

And just so the chickens don’t feel left out, here is Emma’s Fowl-Cookie contribution to start the vacation week off with a bang.

Suet- Clementine Delight

If you have any outstanding cookie ideas for us to try this vacation week, please leave them in the comment section. My writing schedule thanks you in advance.


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2 responses to “Lesson 501 – Cookies in February

  1. Jenn

    Try Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies (Allrecipies, I believe), but add a package of dark chocolate chips to the dough. They are usually the only food I take when I go rock climbing for the day & I’m never hungry, LOL!

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