Lesson 494 – That egg came out of where?!!

“Do you know where that thing comes out? I’m not going to eat that!”

Believe it or not, I’ve actually heard a few people say this about eggs. Some people are only willing to eat eggs that are perfectly clean and completely removed from the farm, any connection to the animal that supplied it stripped completely clean.

To those people I say, get real. No really, I mean it, get REAL.

In real life, an egg comes out of the same opening that poop does in a bird. It’s called a cloaca and it is very efficient, one tunnel with two exit points within. When the egg drops down through the oviduct (which is a separate opening inside the intestine) and is ready to be released, it squeezes the intestine shut effectively separating the poop from the egg. Once the egg is laid, the intestinal track opens up again and is ready for action.

But as is almost everything in life, things can get messy, there can be residual poop in the tunnel, or there can be poop that has leaked around the closure. And if a hen is brooding, she’s not going to leave her nest to poop resulting in some of her poop on the eggs.

And just as aside, as a mom of 6 kids, I know from personal experience that pushing things outside of your body ain’t always pretty.

What this all means is that you can get eggs that are not necessarily pristine (although sometimes you will find an egg that looks like it has been washed, it’s so clean.) Almost always, eggs will have some poop on them.

You can help this situation by keeping the bedding clean and by keeping all roosting bars away from the nesting boxes, but even still,

Guess what? Poop happens.

Real poop covered eggs

All you need to do is bring the eggs inside and wash them. To wash our eggs, we fill a soft plastic bucket with warm (not hot) water and put a few eggs at a time inside.

If the egg floats we get rid of it. That’s a bad, old, or cracked egg that has too much air inside. Would never take a chance with that.

If the eggs sit nicely on the bottom of the bucket, we gently wash the egg off with some of those very soft sponges found at any dollar store. I do not use soap on my eggs, although some people use soap/and or vinegar.

The point is not to make them look like perfect little pristine packages of protein. Some will have spots, some will even be stained by the poop that was on them. It’s all okay. The point is to simply to remove the poop.

If you’re worried about germs (and yes Salmonella is a real threat in animals) then use common sense. Wash your hands after handling eggs. When you are cooking with eggs make sure all products are thoroughly cooked so that all bacteria will be killed. Be aware of cross contamination and use the same precautions you would use with meat (which in all likelihood, probably has more germs in it than your eggs.)

It amazes me that some people are so removed from where food comes from that they think farm fresh eggs are gross.

When in fact, it’s the sterile, bleached, factory-caged, nutrient-deficient things called eggs found in the grocery store that are what’s really gross.

As real as it gets


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5 responses to “Lesson 494 – That egg came out of where?!!

  1. You’re rockin’ with reality, Wendy! Brava!

  2. Hey sis: You know it never occurred to me to wonder if birds had vaginas or not. Thank you for that very interesting new tidbit. As usually, I learn a lot from your articles. It is amazing that people think processed food is somehow better.

  3. Human beings have always been ambivalent and uptight about the reality that we are animals. We just happen to be the only animals that evolved to point that we have abstract reasoning and contemplate our own existence. (Some people argue — not that convincingly to me — that whales and dolphins fall into the same category.) That’s why (in my opinion) we invented the idea of a pure and spiritual “soul” or “spirit” that is somehow separate from our physical body. In the words of the famous Peggy Lee song (which can be found on YouTube), “Is That All There Is?” In my opinion, afraid so. So eat your eggs. They are good for you.

  4. Nice post Wendy. I don’t think very many people are familiar with chicken anatomy and they’ll be surprised at where real eggs come from!
    We just received 121 little babies this morning. The post office was calling us at 6:45am and we could hear the peeping over the phone. 🙂 Got them all settled and they look great – didn’t lose even one all the way from Texas.
    Say HI to Charlie for me!

  5. “Lose the fake stuff and get real” is my motto. I mean really… Does anyone ever thing about how those shiny white eggs with a stamp get that way? Thanks for sharing this amazing info. We need to know what the frig’ we are eating and where our food comes from. I love sharing http://www.cookingnakedafter40.com

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