Lesson 492 – Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 

I loved Valentine’s Day as a child, it meant we could open cards, lots of cards from our friends during a party where we got to eat a pink sugar iced cupcake and if we were really lucky got a few conversation hearts, or a red lollipop (snipped off from a long cellophane wrapped row) with dye-paint on it that coated your tongue milky white. The cards were proof that we were accepted, they were validation that we were appreciated. For years and years I saved every one, proof for the days when I needed it.

To all of my readers, consider this a Valentine from me to you. Know that every single one of you is appreciated.  Thank you for being here.


(Although I looked, chicken and/or egg Valentines are not as common as one might think, this Valentine is actually a compilation of a few vintage die cut pieces, never the less, it works and its intentions are true.)


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2 responses to “Lesson 492 – Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Well, Happy Valentines Day to you also. Though probably our hens are wondering, OK, already, where is the rooster for our flock? (I overcame the temptation to use another word for rooster.)

  2. Moment Matters

    Hey you are appreciated. Happy Valentine’s to you!

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