Lesson 488 – NHPR and Fatty Madi

Hi there, it’s going to be a busy day (and yeah, I know I should queue up posts instead of write them every morning but I just haven’t gotten to that point yet.)

A few things:

1. In just a bit I’m going to be on my way to the NHPR (New Hampshire Public Radio) studio to record a Valentine’s Love story on who else, but our little Black Copper Maran: Charlie. The request was for stories of some of the strangest things you’ve ever done for love.

I thought that doing surgery on a chick, letting her live in our TV room, and watching the Superbowl with her on my knee was pretty up there.

They agreed. If there is a link to the story, I’ll make sure it’s included in a future post.

2. As I said yesterday, when you have chickens, people tend to give you chicken related objects. At a recent lunch, my friend presented me with a stuffed chicken. She’s marvelous (both the chicken and my friend) and has become an instant favorite.

Not quite sure what to do with her, however, I suggested that I might use her in a project much like my kids did when they read a book called “Flat Stanley.” Basically Stanley makes himself flat and then mails himself all over the world to have people take pictures of him in different places.

The kids made flat versions of themselves and mailed them out. Good fun for all.

Except that my chicken (which had a tag identifying her as Matilda) was anything but flat. Not really wanting to spend a ton of money on postage, through a Facebook conversation with my friends, (if you want to friend me on Facebook click on the button to the right) we have decided to call her “Fatty Madi” and I will take local pictures of her.

Here’s Fatty Madi getting ready to go to the Post Office.

And here’s Fatty Madi visiting my friend’s house.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be more exciting adventures of Fatty Madi as she travels around the great granite state of New Hampshire. (And shhhh, from what I understand, Fatty Madi is going to make an appearance at my daughter’s school play. Oh yes she is!)


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3 responses to “Lesson 488 – NHPR and Fatty Madi

  1. Jennifer Ziegler

    LOVE it!!!

    • Wendy Thomas

      Thanks Jennifer, honestly, I think part of the reason I had so many kids was so that I could keep acting like one for a looooong time.🙂


  2. So glad you love Madi – she couldn’t have found a better flock!!

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