Lesson 487 – A half dozen delicate soap eggs

Sometimes when you have chickens people give you the most beautiful things.

A friend stopped over yesterday for some eggs and she handed me a small egg carton filled with light blue soap eggs. The eggs looked very much like the ones, our Easter Egger: Zelda lays – a beautiful light blue in color. These, however, are Linden Leaves soap eggs and the description reads “with bran to exfoliate, olive leaf extract for it’s healing, toning properties, and cypress to simulate the circulatory system.”

What is there not to like about that?

I have them sitting here on my desk while I write this post and I can tell you that the smell emanating from the box is heavenly. (So heavenly that these babies are going to be very carefully rationed out for only the best and warmest of showers.) Clean, fresh, a little bit of outdoors, and a little bit of wrapped in a blanket having a cup of tea all combined in one glorious box made “using eco-friendly 100% unbleached, reclaimed paper without biocides or toxic chemical, and is recyclable and compostable after use.”

I eagerly anticipate my upcoming shower. Who knew that anything to do with eggs could bring such joy?


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3 responses to “Lesson 487 – A half dozen delicate soap eggs

  1. Lovely, lovely. What a treat! And their own egg carton, too.

  2. I spoke to our hens about laying soap eggs. They gave my request all the consideration it deserves. I also pointed out to them that our neighbors’ ducks take many more baths than they do. They continued scratching and pecking in the rain.

  3. diane foss

    I love giving Wendy things. She is so appreciative of the tiniest things. She’s a good egg. Diane

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