Lesson 478 – Some of the pitfalls of owning chickens

First of all Charlie is doing better and better each day. I’ll post a picture of her feet (along with some pictures of her growth) tomorrow.

But first I want to talk about some of the pitfalls of owning chickens.

The Northeastern Poultry Congress was all about fowl. It was about selling birds and judging them. No admission was charged.

So when you go to one of these things, the considerate thing to do is to at least buy tickets to the Chinese lottery (you buy 20 tickets for 5 dollars and drop your tickets into the bags hanging in front of the items you’d like to win.) It’s a way for them to raise money. You win, they win, we all win.

We have a very winning family. So much so, that my kids are actually disappointed when we don’t win something, not because we didn’t get the item but because we didn’t WIN. (Hey once, we even won 2114 jelly beans.)

One of our strategies during lotteries like this is to drop tickets into the bags with the fewest tickets. You get a better chance of winning, right? (I justify this by claiming it’s a lesson in probabilities for my kids.) It doesn’t matter what the object is, we say, it’s the odds that we are playing.

At 3:00 when they started calling out the results of the lottery, who was the first person to win something?


This is what I won.

Marc kept the mug.

I think I had the only ticket in the bag. People were actually laughing at me when I tried to pick up all that stuff (I had to make two trips to the car.) I got cookie tins (empty), a strange snowman in a flower pot, silk flowers, ornaments, and a really scary looking leprechaun, partially stuffed into a Victoria’s Secrets bag (which my 4 teen sons all called dibs on.)

Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right? And anyway, Savers was on the way home. I’m still a winner.

I didn’t expect much for the rest of the auction (I mean what are the odds?) but low and behold, my name was called again, and this is what I won the second time.

Trust me, if you like chickens, you’ll recognize this one as the gold mine that it is. Someone obviously cleared off their shelves of chicken figurines and now I get to have them. There are little chickens, old chickens, matching chickens, white chickens, and even a little green glass chicken-like thing. Marc sighed as I happily started placing chickens all around our house.

Ain’t no way, these babies are making their way to Savers. Perhaps though, after a year of sitting on our shelves, I’ll gather them together and just might donate them back to the show so that some other lucky person can win them in next year’s lottery.


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One response to “Lesson 478 – Some of the pitfalls of owning chickens

  1. Stephan

    Great story, congratulations! I would hold on to these ornaments and if you decide on parting with them I’d use them for trade instead.

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