Lesson 474 – Diversity in the flock

When we got our first baby chicks, they were all brown. Didn’t surprise me, as far as I knew all chickens were either brown or white (like the ones at the petting zoos I had been taken to as a child.) It wasn’t until I brought home Isabelle (our Silver Sebright) that I even knew other kinds of chickens existed.

Today I wanted to show you some of the photos I took at the Northeastern Poultry Congress just to give you an idea of the diversity there is in the chicken world.

Female Black Polish

The female Black Polish (as opposed to the photos of the male yesterday) wear Dandilion puffs on their heads.

Unfortunately I don’t have the names of the breeds for all these birds but I loved the pattern on this one, enough to take a closer look.

And then we have this stunning breed. (There’s a mama hen somewhere who loves this little guy.)

Some of the birds were big on tail bling.

Here’e the rest of him.

Some chickens were just BIG.

It's tough to see the size but this guy was HUGE!

And some preferred to be, well, a tad more elegant.

And although this one is a goose, she looked like a Cinderella with her beautiful feathered ball gown.

Even though this guy is a turkey. I just had to include him. That thing on his neck  just fascinates me.

And then as it was a poultry show, I saw a few of these, because, as we all know,  when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.



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4 responses to “Lesson 474 – Diversity in the flock

  1. Fascinating! Who knew that there was different types of chickens? Oh, you did.
    Not me. Being a New Yorker, I never even considered that there were chickens that were so beautiful. My daughter loves the Cinderella goose. I love the hairless neck one that looks prettier than a hairless Chinese Crested dog which, is one of my favorite dog breeds.

  2. Hey sis: This is really helpful to those of us who aren’t necessarily chick-o-philes. I just love that goose. I saw her on Jan Brett’s website. Can she fly? Or, I guess that wouldn’t matter. These birds are all quite elegant. Thanks for the show!

  3. Wendy, catching up on your posts — so fun to reminisce! What a lovely post this is.

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