Lesson 465 – Gnarled inspiration

Guess what? When you have chickens and write about them it makes getting gifts for you very easy. I’ll be showing you some of the most incredible chicken items ever that I was fortunate enough to receive this holiday season.

The first item comes from a very good chicken friend Lauren Scheuer. Lauren is an illustrator who specializes in kids’ books, games and puzzles. She’s done a whole slew of books for American Girl, and her clients include Boston Museum of Science and Roger Williams Zoo. On her blog she draws some of the most amazing pictures of her flock (which includes 7 chickens and one small white dog.)

My favorite by far is Lucy (I know, I know, I don’t really have a favorite, I love them all) Lucy is a special needs chicken, a survivor of Marek’s disease (a tumor producing virus) and she has the most beautiful feather display.

Here is a picture of Pigeon (who was rescued from a cage) with Lucy. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Pigeon and Lucy Photo credit: Lauren Scheuer

And just look at what I opened up on Christmas morning –

My very own miniature Lucy chicken. I love it. This little bit of inspiration is going to sit by my computer, my literary chicken muse reminding me always that even if you’re a little gnarled, life can still be quite the adventure.


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4 responses to “Lesson 465 – Gnarled inspiration

  1. My favorite chickens in the whole world! And the miniature Lucy is cute too.

  2. I love reading about Lucy and Pigeon. Love the little mini!

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