Lesson 443 – Don’t do this at home

This is a brown chicken.

These are leaves.

This is a brown chicken on leaves.

Kids, don’t try this at home if you want to be among those who are rounded up and put back into the safety of the henhouse at the end of the day.



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5 responses to “Lesson 443 – Don’t do this at home

  1. Karen W

    Love your lessons, they bring a smile to my face every day!

  2. Uh-oh. I’m assuming this has a happy ending?

  3. This is called “camouflage.” This is how the chicken protects herself against the raccoons, coyotes, hawks, and eagles. What a smart and clever chicken!

  4. No wonder my light brown Brahmas bob their heads in total confused stage when outside their coop in the green grass wanting to come back in (this weather is crazy nice!) while the Barred Rock one stays in the shade? 🙂

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