Lesson 421 – A life without my Droid

Ack, my phone died yesterday. The Droid with which I’ve had this love hate relationship ever since we met. It was working fine in the early morning and then when I went to answer a call it seemed to forget that it was a touch screen. I couldn’t slide that little bar to “open” the phone. A call from my son (who had just been at the Doctor’s for blood work) taunted me as it beeped loudly literally out of my touch. “Trevor, call the house phone,” I yelled at the device, hoping that maybe he would telepathically receive the message.

He didn’t.

Oh well, I was without a phone. Not the worst thing in the world.

Not being a geek in a household where I am greatly outnumbered by them, I decided to go about this my own way. Perhaps if I let the phone “rest” for a little bit, it might come back to life. Hey it works for me. I considered giving it a glass of wine to relax but even this non-geek knows to keep moisture away from any circuits.


So big deal, I don’t have a phone. Who needs to be constantly connected to the net anyway? Just like I tell my son who is always glued in front of his computer – “How about trying real life for a change?”

We had a complicated schedule last night. The girls had soccer games, Trevor had gymnastics, and I had my workshop. It all went well until I got home from my workshop at 8:45 to an empty house.

Hmmmm, I thought, as I started to heat up the community one-dish-busy-night dinner. I called Marc from the house phone. “ Are you getting Trevor?” I asked him.

“Nope. Still at the game with the girls.”

Yikes! I turned off the stove and grabbed my keys, Trevor needed to be picked up the next town over in 15 minutes. This wouldn’t have happened if I had my phone.

As it turned out, his practice ran a little late, okay, not a problem, I just reached for my phone to check my email.

Nothing, oh that’s right, I don’t have a phone.

I couldn’t check my email, so big, deal, I’ll have to wait until I get home. And then I realized that without my phone I couldn’t watch “Casino Royal” which is one of my favorite ways to wait for a kid to finish his or her practice. Every one of my kids knows how to say the phrase “perfectly formed ahhhhssss” with the correct intonation.

A world without a phone is doable, not pleasant and would certainly require a lot more management, but it’s doable. A world without Daniel Craig at my fingertips, however, is simply inconceivable, hardly worth living.

Marc left this morning with my phone to go to the Verizon store. He’s been texting me messages, do I want the Droid 2? It has a 1 cm larger screen than the other, it doesn’t have a keyboard, was that okay?

Fine, fine, whatever, as long as I can make phone calls, check my email, and see Daniel Craig once again in a darkened parking lot as I wait for my son to finish his practice.

Mama's happy again.

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One response to “Lesson 421 – A life without my Droid

  1. DROID is great, but you will need time to get used to the digital keyboard and be ready to make some spelling mistakes.
    Daniel Craig is a great actor but I am disappointed at his Bond movies ad others seems to have more “finesse”. His role in the movie DEFIANCE was excellent.

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