Lesson 396 – The power of one chick

We’ve had a lot of rain up here in New Hampshire (we’re just starting to see some glimpses of sun this afternoon). Rain makes for wet ground and chickens don’t necessarily like getting their feet damp. They’ll try to get up high away from it all, When it rains, you’ll always catch most of the birds roosting on whatever they can find, as long as it’s not on the ground.

That includes our littles.

Here is a picture of one of the babies roosting.

brilliant chick

What you don’t see but what is truly amazing is that this particular roost is about 3 feet off the ground. At some point this little bird had to make the decision to fly up to a skinny stick way, way, way over her head so that she could sit on it to keep dry from the puddles gathering below. The very first time she tried must have been incredibly frightening. But she did it anyway.

That’s some leap of faith.

And what kind of information did she use in order to make this decision? Well, she’s seen others up high on roosts, I suppose she thought if they could do it she could. But how many times does that really work? How often do we see something that we want to do and we make the attempt based solely on the fact that someone is already doing it? Sure that’s inspiration, but is it enough to act? Enough to lift your tiny, non-flying body 3 feet into the air?

More important to her decision process was that this little chick had an instinctual gut feeling that this was what she was supposed to do. It was the right thing to do, she felt it in her genetic code, and on a day when it rained, when there was enough discomfort in her life to make her take action, she went ahead and gave it a try.

And now she sits nice and dry, 3 feet above the mess below. Such a clever chick.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could act on our intentions the way a young chick does? How much more could we achieve if when we went for something new, something a little out of our comfort zone, we could ignore our fears and instead try it based simply on the fact that deep in our bones it felt like the right thing to do .



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2 responses to “Lesson 396 – The power of one chick

  1. You are right and you are wrong. Sometimes when we go out of our comfort one we succeed past our wildest dreams and fears. Sometimes when we go out of our comfort zone we fail miserably. Victors write the history books. The graveyards are full of the losers. There are no guarantees.

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