Lesson 392 – and then there were none

Well, we can’t escape it.

This week is “going back to school week” for the entire flock. Griffin left on Tuesday, our other college student Spencer leaves tomorrow and the rest of the kids went back to school today. It’s the first day of public school.

Here is a photo of Addy and Logan happy to start off the new school year. Addy is in 8th grade and Logan is starting as a freshman in high school. Addy got braces this summer and apparently wants everyone to know. Logan is just happy to be back in his very cool under amour a hoodie.

Logan was in a bit of a bad mood earlier this morning. When I asked him why, he said that it was because he had to wake up early.

Get used to it pal, school’s back.

Here’s Emma who is going into 6th grade, our destined-for-the Disney-Channel girl. I asked to take her picture and this is what I got. Figures.

And this is Trevor who is a Junior this year and apparently is too cool for words. He’s cleaning out the car (he got his license this summer) so that he can drive a friend home after school and is pretending not to hear me request a photo op.

Lastly, here are our home-schooled kids. Once the final school bus has picked up our last child, I think I’ll sit in the sun in our backyard with the birds and I’ll read to them from some of our family’s favorites like, “The Runaway Bunny” and “Guess How Much I Love You.”

It will, no doubt, keep us all busy until the youngest members of our flock return later this afternoon.

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