Lesson 385 – Our rabbit is a chicken

Our rabbit is a chicken.

No really. Vivian’s cage is kept in the dog pen area (the better to keep her safe from neighborhood predators) and so she has a first hand view of the chickens when we “take them out to pasture” (which is fancy talk for letting them roam in what is now considered the wastelands (literally) of the pen.) When the girls do not have Vivian out playing in the rabbit yard play-pen (which also doubles as a baby chick playpen these days), the rabbit is attentively watching the chicken activity from the safety of her perched cage.

Hey watching chickens beats whats on the Disney channel any day.

Trevor was out with the chickens yesterday and asked what would happen if we let the rabbit loose with the birds?

Not sure, I said. The woman from whom we had gotten the rabbit said that she actually kept two of her rabbits in the hen coop with her chickens and said that they all got along just fine. I know that our chickens are not bothered by our 3 white dogs, perhaps they would think of Vivian as just another (really tiny) Maltese.

Why don’t you try it and see? I told Trevor to get the girls out to help him, just be ready to protect her if the chickens go after her.

Trevor let Vivian out and after a little bit of frenetic scurrying about (guess what? That rabbit can jump about 7 times her body height), she did seem to peacefully go about her life, a life that just happened to have chickens around. None of our chickens were in the least bit bothered by the fact that a white rabbit was sharing their space.

And why should they be bothered? Our flock prides itself on its’ diversity resulting in our members being pretty much a live and let live bunch. Who cares?, our chickens thought. We’re all in this flock together, if you want to be a rabbit in the pen, go for it. Just leave enough food in the bowl for a snack later on in the day.

Addy and our chicken-rabbit


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One response to “Lesson 385 – Our rabbit is a chicken

  1. Hello,
    I have a rescue chicken, a very handsome and serious person named Buck, who takes his job of protecting the bridge club [ I have 4 laying hens] to heart.
    I have been unable to find out what variety he is from any website this far. He is a tall single comb bird with a deep green, almost black, bottom and mantle of red gold, hackles also red. He is somewhat aggressive, actually every one is afraid of him and thinks he should be food, but he’s better than a guard dog, and I am not afraid of a bird who is 1/10th my size. I would love to know more about him. Any ideas?

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