Lesson 384 – oh my, how you’ve grown

In the “my, how the little ones have grown department” I’m going to show you before and after photos of one of our “newborn” chicks.

This one is clearly the largest of the batch and although I’m not 100% sure, I have suspicions that she is really a rooster just waiting to break out in song. Not only is she large in size but she has humungous, dark yellow feet and while one of my sisters also has very large feet, in a chicken, this is usually not a good sign with regard to hen-domness.

Here is she at just a few weeks old when we let them play in the pen for a bit. By the way, we do have grass in our yard but the chickens have stripped the pen clean of any type of vegetative growth. It’s amazing to think that before we had chickens, we used to have to mow inside the dog pen.

And now, here she is at almost 2 months. You can see the size of this one and the beautiful markings that have developed. Although its easy to recognize her from her baby picture because of her coloring, we’ve learned that grown chicks rarely resemble what they look like as babies. I’ll be putting up comparison photos of the other chicks soon.

With that black cloak, she almost looks like she has a little bit of Light Brahma in her (like our hen – Jerry) who is in this photo.  If she does have some Light Brahma in her, that could account for her size. At this point, it will be pretty much anyone’s guess, only time and an early morning crow will tell.

Photo Credit: Emily Bersin

The chicks are really coming out of their shells (forgive me for that one) and although they still use the isolated nursery in the hen coop on occasion, we find them out and about with the adult hens all the time now. They survived the pecking order initiation and have finally been accepted into the fold as the newest members of the flock.


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