Lesson 377 – a teeny, tiny chicken family

Time for a little chicken-thing post (and this time I mean “little”).

First let me say, to those who have sent me chicken-things, I’ll eventually get to them, just because I haven’t posted about them doesn’t mean that I don’t love them and keep them on our shelves. I do, it’s just that I can only keep so many balls in my mind’s air at one time. At some point I’ll be writing about all my chickens.

This week’s chicken-things were given to me by my good friend Gina Rosati (who just happens to have a YA book: Auracle coming out in the summer of 2012.)   Gina had read about my medicine bag and decided to get me not one, not two, but three teeny, tiny chickens just the perfect size for tucking in a small bag filled with good intentions.

The first two chickens are a pair consisting of a silver-tone hen with a matching rooster. The rooster is stoically sitting staring straight ahead trance-like thinking about how it’s just so sad that there will never be any more Girl with the Dragon tattoo books, while the hen is semi-upright yelling for the chicks, “hey it’s dinner time! come home – wash your hands and help set the table. NOW!”

Not only did Gina send over these two stunning chickens but she also sent an improbably tiny glass chicken with a marbled glass body, red comb and wattle, and blue wings and feet. In this photo, the little one is making himself be seen, oh, he’s front and center, bathing in the glory that is his, not paying a bit of attention to his mom’s yelling. Besides, he’s not hungry right now, he’ll come back later when he’s good and ready, after he’s met with his friends down by the ball park. The hen, exasperated by it all turns her eyes toward the heavens, “Give me strength” she pleads to the God of chickens she desperately hopes is listening.

And the rooster, continuing to be lost in thought, doesn’t even flinch.


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