Lesson 372 – A geeky chicken statue – why not?

Yes, the chickens are still pecking at each other, yes our large black hen is still limping (but fully comfortable as she can get around fine on one foot) and yes, our littlest; Alkaia is still just drop dead adorable.

Not much has happened since yesterday which is why I thought it would be a great time to show you one in the many of my CHICKEN THINGS.

One of the greatest benefits of having chickens is that people tend to give you chicken related items. I’ve gotten chicken clothing, towels, bags, Christmas ornaments, figurines, decorations, and refrigerator magnets and I love them all.

Recently a friend of ours (hi Em!) came up to visit in order to take some photos of our chickens. When I came downstairs to greet her at the door she handed me a 2 foot tall Geeky Gal which looks like this:

Our very own Geeky Gal

It’s perfect! Fabulous colors, a great sense of humor, it bobbles, and SHE’S A CHICKEN!!!! This gal kind of epitomizes the entire children/chicken ride we’ve been having – little wiggly at times but overall something that just makes you smile.

Our Geeky Gal has found a home on our front porch. How perfect is it for me to have a chicken-lady statue greeting all who come to our house?

Honestly, would you expect anything less at our home?


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