Lesson 371 – Can’t we all just get along?

Honestly, taking care of a flock of young chickens is like, well, taking care of a flock of young children.

The screeching, the bickering, the pecking – oh please!, can’t we all just get along?

Back of Morgane's neck

This is one of our more mature birds: Morgane (pronounced “more-gone” – she’s a french breed). For whatever reason, the other members of the flock are now pecking her on the neck. She’s been a member of the flock now for two years and I have no idea why her sisters would suddenly turn on her unless of course, it’s the stress of having all those young ones underfoot. Can’t say that I blame them, having young ones constantly under my feet (can you say summer?) causes even me to henpeck at times.

A true pain in the neck

This is one of our littles. I think she is actually a he (a baby rooster in drag.) Notice the red spot on the back of her neck? Not good. That’s some serious henpecking going on there. Apparently when you are not happy with someone in the flock not only do they become henpecked but they are also perceived as a “pain in the neck” eventually literally living up to that moniker.

A bit of antibiotic ointment for you my friend.

I’m torn between sitting out by the coop all day monitoring the chicken’s behavior and letting them duke it out for themselves.  I have a feeling that the sooner we all get over this readjustment of the flock, the sooner we all get over it.

I just hope no one gets mortally wounded.



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2 responses to “Lesson 371 – Can’t we all just get along?

  1. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie)

    Sending peaceful and non-violent vibes to your birdie bullies. Hope everyone settles in soon!

    • Wendy Thomas


      The unrest in the hen house will work itself out. I have a feeling it’s bothering this mother hen a lot more than it’s bothering those in the flock.


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