Lesson 360 – One of the reasons we have chicks

One of the best things about babies and children is how you can make good use of them. You get to dress them up as mini super heroes around Halloween (and even after if the outfit still fits), you get to dress them in clothes that support your favorite team, and you get to pose them near some of the best props ever.

Don’t think I haven’t taken full advantage of this, in fact, I sometimes wonder if the reason I ended up having 6 kids was because the little ones were always aging out.

Here are some prime examples:

Emma is our little Christmas baby born on December 20th. Do you really think that I wasn’t going to get this shot?

Or a photo for posterity of one little guy’s absolute glee at the fact it’s his birthday today? (complete with birthday crown?!!!)

or that one precocious child (who, surprise, is now a political science major) took it upon himself to make a political statement (I swear this one was not my idea) using what we had at the house.

Yup, having babies around the house, just makes it, well, that much more fun.

Which is why it should come as no surprise to any of you that we’ve taken photos like:

A baby chick asking if “you lookin’ at me?”

or a margarita chick cooling off in the shade. (anyone ever find that lost shaker of salt?)

Or even an “Uncle Sam, this is America chick.” (because after all, this *is* America)

I know, I know, even these babies are soon going to have their feathers.  Before I know it, we’re going to have to pay for Driver’s Ed classes and book summer weekends taking them on college tours, but you know what? Until then?

They’re all mine.

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One response to “Lesson 360 – One of the reasons we have chicks

  1. Karen W

    you are too funny! thanks for the smiles today!

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