The baby’s coming – updates on the incubating eggs

I remember one night when I as overdue with Spencer (my first) and I somehow convinced myself that I wasn’t ready to have a baby and wouldn’t be ready to have one until I had gotten a baby brush – which up until that point we had neglected to get. I mean who can have a baby if they don’t have a baby brush, right? 

At 10:30 at night, Marc and I searched store after store until we found a blue baby brush, relieved I clutched it in my hands and brought it home where I realized….

I still wasn’t ready to have a baby. 

Like it or not, the baby came anyway. 

And like it or like it, these babies are coming. Spencer just noticed that one of the eggs has a tiny, tiny crack in it. A small crack indicating the start of something big. 


The beginning

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