The baby’s coming – update 2 on the incubated eggs

Another egg has cracked a tiny hole open! This is the egg that was my personal favorite during the incubation, every time I candled the eggs, it was this one that was the most active and was always the easiest to see. A wiggle there, a roll-over and a bump. I don’t know if chickens can have ADD but if they can, this one is definitely on the fast track.

Little story: when I was pregnant with Trevor he was such an active baby that sometimes I’d be walking across the room and have to stop doubled over, not able to breath from another one of his strong kicks to my insides.

Are you okay? Anyone who saw me would ask.

“I’m fine”, I’d reply “it’s just the baby kicking.”

Apparently I said this a lot.

When Trevor was finally born, we brought him home from the hospital to introduce him to his brothers.

Here’s your new little brother; Baby Trevor, I told them.

Griffin clearly confused turned to me “But where’s Baby Kicking?” he wanted to know.


Hooray for Chick Kicking! It looks like (s)he is doing just fine).

Can't lift the lid for a good photo but trust me, there's an air hole here.

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