Lesson 328 – Quotable chicks

Friday’s Quotes for the Chicks 


If something doesn’t happen at the expected time in the expected way, it means it’s going to happen at a better time in a better way. 

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Yeah I know, at times I have been called a Pollyanna – but when you come down to it, it’s not the worst thing to be called in the world and a life of always looking backward at what was lost is just not the life for me. Heave ho, ever onward.

None of the Kindergarten’s class’ incubated eggs made it and while I am immensely saddened by the loss of all that possibility, I know that other things will happen. There’s just too much goodness surrounding chickens for it not to.






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6 responses to “Lesson 328 – Quotable chicks

  1. Karen W

    That’s a bummer for the kids 😦

    • Wendy Thomas

      It’s okay, it’s life. I’m trying to see what I can do to get some hatched chicks so at least we can get them photos.


  2. Now when the children hear, “Don’t count your chicks until they are hatched,” they will readily understand the origin and meaning of that proverb.

    Before my granddaughter was born, her two older “sisters” did not survive long enough to be born. Hope I did not post this here before, but I call her my “science fiction grandchild.” Technology of science fiction: her birth mother (my daughter’s partner) proved to have body chemistry inimical to children she carried. Medical advances allowed her to carry a child successfully to birth. (Now just finishing first grade.)

    Sociology/anthropology of science fiction: my granddaughter is growing up to consider it perfectly normal to have two mommies (where she lives in Seattle) and two daddies, whom she visits in Chicago.

    Not science fiction at all: she is a big fan of our hens and baby chicks, whom she visits on Whdibey Island. That goes back in history to when humans and chickens first began to live together as symbiotes.

    • Wendy Thomas


      A true Pollyanna you are. Welcome to the club (even though I can hear you grumbling the oath from here).

      Glad things worked out (sounds trite but I really mean it) and mostly glad that you and your chickens get to spend time with your “science fiction” granddaughter. (you know there’s probably a kids’ story in there somewhere).


  3. Jill Angel

    I *might* have another source of newly hatched chicks for you if you’re interested. I will try to get some more info about them this afternoon.

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