Lesson 320 – Chicken stories, book inspiration, and tiny incisions

Hi all.

Well that wasn’t so bad was it? (If you like lying in bed all weekend with your knee raised higher than your heart and your kids waking you up every few moments to see if you are all right).

I will tell you that chickens ended up being the highlight of my stay at Day Surgery. Being the smart aleck I am (this is not new behavior, remember that my elementary school principal and I were on a first name basis?), I had answered the per-surgical question:

Is there anything special about you, or in your life situation that would make it hard for you to go home after surgery?

By replying:

With 6 kids, 3 dogs, and 31 chickens, it’s hard to go home after anything.

Oh those nurses liked that!

They also liked my description of pain.

Can you rate your pain on a scale from 0 – 10, 10 being the worst pain imaginable?

My answer was that my pain was “just this side of cranky.”

Apparently nurses don’t get to see much humor before surgery because, boy, did I have a great audience! Next time I’ll know to show up with a printed program.

It gave us something to talk about other than incisions and post operative recovery times. (which is soooo yesterday) Right before I went in to the operating room, I was still telling them about Simon our painting chicken and that we were going to get more chicks in a few weeks. Chickens – the new tranquilizer.

We also talked about books (natch – is there any situation in life where books shouldn’t be mentioned?) . It turns out that my nurse’s favorite childhood book, the reason she thanks for her even getting into nursing was a book called Karen, which was also a favorite of my sister: Cathy. I can still see the blue and white cover with that pig-tailed little girl on it sitting in the white bookshelf at the top of the stairs.

Chickens and books going ahead and forging a connection that fear and uncertainty were desperately trying to prevent.

Like precision clockwork I went in for my procedure and got out impressing all by starting my ankle pumps before I was even aware what I was doing (or what my name was for that matter),. Although I won’t get the full results for two weeks, my Doctor did end up taking a tissue biopsy which means that he wants to go forward, and right now, as we speak, there are little Wendy cells growing in nutritive medium deep in the recesses of someone’s laboratory.

It also means that I’m going to have to brush up on my chicken stories and book  reviews. It sounds like they just might  be coming in handy.


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3 responses to “Lesson 320 – Chicken stories, book inspiration, and tiny incisions

  1. Lee Laughlin

    Glad things went smoothly. I hope whatever they do, it goes well!

  2. Gina Rosati

    Little Wendy cells – how adorable. I think you should stay off your feet a while longer and catch up on your reading. And they have KAREN at the middle school library in the non-fiction section.

  3. I am glad the procedure went well.

    It would not be nice of me to suggest that in nursing school students take a class on being amused (in a kindly way, of course) by their patients’ humor.

    So I won’t.

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