Lesson 305 – Words for my little chick who is away

An open letter to my little chick; Griffin who has temporarily left the flock to be with his High School robotics team at the FIRST National competition in St. Louis.



  • Have fun with your friends
  • Eat good food and each day try at least one thing that is new or local
  • Pick up a local newspaper and see what is going on around you
  • Find a radio and tune into a local station for a bit
  • Compliment every female you see on something – a book they are reading, a necklace they are wearing. Trust me, you’ll make their day.
  • Likewise, if you see someone walking a dog comment on how handsome the dog is. No doubt that dog will get extra attention as a result.
  • Touch base with home – we care and worry about you
  • If you get lost ask for directions
  • If you get cranky – either rest or eat some protein – it helps
  • If you win, you deserve it. Your team worked hard.
  • If you don’t win – no worries, your team still won because they worked hard.
  • I know you don’t want to but take your meds.
  • I know you don’t want to but take a shower – every day (chicks dig it)
  • Know that I have absolute confidence in you. You are an incredible person who has already made an impression on this world of ours.
  • Continue to always grow – know in your heart that nothing, absolutely nothing can ever stop you.

Take care and don’t forget to drink lots of water




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7 responses to “Lesson 305 – Words for my little chick who is away

  1. Hey sis: Great words from a fabulous mom to a rockin’ kid! You are an inspiration. Go Grif!

  2. Brian St. Onge

    Very nice, except for that asking directions bit. C’mon……you know men don’t ask directions. It may take us a little longer to get where we’re going, but we get there eventually. And we get to see a lot of sights along the way that we would otherwise have missed!

    • Wendy Thomas


      Yes, I know men don’t ask for directions but perhaps my men-in-training might be a new breed (yeah, right).

      Point made. Sometimes the adventure comes from single-handedly figuring your way out.


  3. I guess I don’t fit. My wife generally will not ask directions; more frequently I am the one who will do so.

    • Wendy Thomas

      Before the advent of GPS, I had to ask for directions or I would have never found my way back home. Yup, never been good with maps or directions, I tend to remember things in reverse (really that’s on the right side of the road, I could have sworn it was on the left).


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